Atulayan Snail-Shaped Island (Four Coves) - Sangay, Camarines Sur

"I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away.. But baby, I just need one good one to stay." Yeah right.. I heard you Gaga. However, in the spirit of travel goals, we need no million reasons to stay; we seek for one good reason to walk away. When we don't, we end up neither planning nor drawing. Hehe! We call it expectation versus reality.

Atulayan Island (Snail-Shaped View) via Google Earth

Well.. at least for today, we're going to a snail-shaped island for one good reason; to go swimming. Hehehe! But that's the least that our dear friends, Tan, Mel and Rap, expect. Without them knowing, we had a secret mission in doing this excursion. Previously, Yan and I planned to go cliff jumping in Bugsukan. To fully achieve this goal, we need our friends to come. We lured them with good words about going overnight camping in Atulayan island. Then, we'll drop by Bugsukan when tomorrow comes. We'll push them jump before we do so we can test the safety of the cliff coast. Wicked! I know... and it's fun! Hehehe! It's called friendship goals!

We're boarding a small boat worth ₱1,300.00 from Aldea's black-sand beach in Sogod, Tiwi, Albay to get to Atulayan island in Sangay Camarines Sur. It takes roughly an hour to reach the four coves island. I heard it only takes 30 minutes of boat ride from Nato Port in Sangay, Camarines Sur. But it would also take us another 30 minutes of drive from Tiwi to get to the port. We never really choose land over water ride.

The sand of the four coves snail-shaped island looks shiny white from afar. As it comes into view, I think it turns shimmery golden specially when the sun hides behind the clouds. I realized the island is inhabited by a small community powered by generators. The first cove is a private resort named Colacho Cove. It looks great yet a little over our budget. (We talked to someone from the resort last night.) We set foot in the next cove. They call it Bani Cove. There are closed and open cottages available for overnight and day tour wanderers. We're going camping so we only need one open cottage worth ₱800.00 for our little mess.

Loosen up! Escape and cook in an island..

Surrounded by big boys requires abundance of food and drinks. We cannot starve them to death. So let's get cooking. Rap and Mel start with their beach grilling marathon while Yan and I take care of our special spicy sinigang. Hehe.

Rap tells Mel he's a grill master.. Mel disagrees.. I'm the grill master..

Mini-sinigang top secret ingredients.. Hehehe..

And where on earth is Tan? Oh yeah.. Of course.. He's somewhere out there.. Taking his unlimited selfie as usual. What's new? Just let him do his thing. Diyan siya magaling. Hehehe!

Selfie master..

Well.. well.. well.. when the meal is finally ready.. oh dear.. foodie big mouths surely take over. Yum! I hope our dishes are enough for the boys monster-like appetites.

We crave for no fancy dishes.. Extra rice please!!!

We have to experience the beach water just before dusk covers the creamy white to golden sand. Let's go swimming until the night falls. Splurging on natural world is heaven.. A piece of paradise..

Snorkeling in an island is super fun.

I cannot really do a comparison between islands. Each has its own distinctiveness. Atulayan for instance, sets us a survivor kind of ambiance when the resort owner lit up three torches for us. They pitied us maybe when we didn't avail their lights. Little did they know, we like it more in the dark. Hehehe! I really love it!

Feeling survivor castaways.. The final five! Hehehe!

Stargazing with torches at the background..

I cannot explain the pleasure I feel in spending the night in a tent by the beach. I can hear the soothing sound of the racing waves. The tweeting birds are lullabies to my ears. Bats are also inhabitants of the place and they are chirping softly. The mixture of the natural music makes me ignore the disturbing sound of my husband's snore when in deep sleep. Hehehe!

Bat doesn't always fly.. Sometimes it crawls..

When in island, we like it to wake up at dawn to watch the sunrise. Witnessing the snowy mountains, the clearing sky, the tranquil sea, the soundly waves, the white slash golden sand, the flying birds with my carefree husband in the scene... It's perfection.. I can stay lying in my hammock the whole day..

The mountain range, the beach, the sand, the tent, the hammock, the sky, the you and I..

Wandering around is always part of our agenda. Taking a short trek to the third cove of the island is a good idea. There are more locals inhabiting the area. I hope they know how lucky they are to be living in a beautiful island. I hope they continue taking care of the gem they already have.

Short trek to the third cove of Atulayan island..

We seek for a little challenge by taking the rocky coast as a route back to the resort. For some reasons, we have a strong fascination towards rocks. Big or small, smooth or rough.. as long as they are rocks..

Third cove at Yan's rear view with rocky coast back to Bani cove..

Let's take more memories of forever..

Sandwich between two giant rocks.. I'm pushing them apart..

Rocky road is my favorite flavor..

Peace is the sign of rock and roll!!!

Give two ships.. Save our oceans.. Why not?

The rocks, the beach and the witch!

Overlooking is forever pleasing..

More shots.. More love..

A final stroll in Bani cove..

The day is getting late though.. The boatman is fetching us on time. We need to keep our mess, prepare and leave the beautiful island to accomplish our next exhilarating mission; Cliff jumping in Bugsukan coastal cliffs.

One last view of a precious isle..

Our cliff jumping adventure is in the sequel; Cliff Jumping in Bugsukan - Misibis, Tiwi, Albay. Check it out yoh!
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