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Hotel: Busuanga Island Paradise, we went from Jan 3-6. A van will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel. It is more like a lodge, we rented a house, which was for 3 persons for 89 $ per night and it included buffet breakfast, free wi-fi and a pool. If you want to be in contact with the nature and disconnect a little bit, this is the ideal place. The bad thing is that the hotel is 12km away from the town, but on the other hand, the van will take you from the hotel to the town and vice versa for free. The last van that goes from the town to the hotel is at 8 pm, so if you want to stay longer in the town, you can take a tricycle for 600 pesos approx. for all the people who fit in the tricycle.

Airline: Cebu Pacific
Ticket price: 120 $ approx. both ways
Important: They only accept cash

Day 1 Maquinit Hot Spring

Price: 300 pesos both ways for all the persons that fit in the tricycle. The entrance fee per person is 100-150 pesos.

Since we arrived in the late afternoon to Coron, we ate lunch at the hotel and then took a tricycle in Coron town to the Hot Spring. It is 6km from the town to get there and the driver will wait for you until you get out of the spring. We arrived there at 5:30pm so we got to see the view with light as well as at night, so it was very cool.

The water is very clean and relaxing. There is also a wood bridge where you can take pictures and see the view of the island. Then, on our way back to the hotel, we got to see the sunset which was breathtaking.

Day 2 Tour A, Kayangan Lake, Quin Reef, Coral Garden, CYC Beach, Blue Lagoon and Atwayan Beach

Price: 650 pesos per person but you can bargain. Lunch is included. It is recommended to have the snorkeling equipment which is 150 pesos approx. per person. You can get the tours on the streets, you will see spots where they offer them. It is better if you book the day before. The guy who helped us was Kuya Joel and his phone number is 9124700159. You can send him a text message or call him and he will have everything ready and will give you discounts.

8:30 am- 5pm. This tour is practically an island hopping activity, where each island is special and you do different activities. Most of them are for snorkelling but you can also stay in the boat while enjoying the view.

In other islands like Atwayan beach and CYC beach, you get out of the boat and you can stay in the beach for a while and have coconut water. The lunch is around one and it takes place in one of the beaches. The lunch includes fish, vegetables, chicken, fruit and rice. You eat all together in a big table so you get to meet all the people in the boat, so if you go alone don’t worry because you will be surrounded by international people.

The best part of this tour is the Kayangan lake. You get first by boat, then you get out and have to do a little hiking of 15 minutes. On the top of the mountain, you can take pictures from the view, which is amazing. Then, you walk down and finally you arrive at the lake. The water is so clean that you can see the small fishes. Here you can also do snorkelling and you get in some water caves to see the rock formations. This is the best place to take pictures and see how perfect nature is. After this you go to another island to do snorkelling and then you go back to Coron Town.

6pm- 7pm. Since we were tired but it was too early to go back to the hotel, we went to Spa Norma in tricycle which is 10 pesos per person. There are different types of massages you can choose from and the place is peaceful. It cost 600 pesos the massage per person. You can get a cheaper massage in town but the experience and attention they provided was completely worth it.

Day 3 Tour C Bulog Dos Beach, Banana Island and Malcapuya Island

Price: 1200 pesos per person, you can also bargain the price and it includes lunch.

8:30am- 6pm approx. Since the day before we had a lot of activities we wanted to do something more relaxing, and we decided to go beach hopping. Since the beaches are far from Coron town, it takes one hour and a half to get there and then is 10 minutes from each island. You will not notice that you are in the boat for so long because the view is incredible, the water changes color and you can see small islands so it is a perfect time to take pictures, think about life, or just relax.

The first stop is Bulog Dos, where you just go there to take some pictures. You can go up a hill and see all the view from the top which is amazing because the water is so transparent that is just perfect. You can also sit and admire this paradise. Our tour guide was a master taking pictures, he knew a lot of cool techniques so he showed us some of them :).

Later on, you go to Banana Beach, where the sand is white, it is very similar to Boracay. Here you stay for an hour or more, and you can play volleyball, take a nap in the hammock, do snorkeling, drink a coconut water or swim for a while. In this island is where you eat lunch and it is pretty similar to the other one, but we were lucky because we got to eat some crabs!

The last stop is Malcapuya Island, you have to walk like 5 minutes to get there. It has like picnic tables, so some people brought drinks to make cocktails. In this place we did snorkeling with my sister and there is an area where you can see big clams. After this we went back to the boat, and in our way back to Coron we saw the most beautify sunset I have ever seen. Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery, but at least I took some pictures.

7:00pm. We went to have our last dinner in King Lobster. The prices are okay and the food is amazing. A plate is around 300 pesos, and there is a lobster dish that was 300 pesos, but if you want a fresh lobster is 1000 pesos. The menu has everything, seafood, chicken and pork and the place is very cosy.

Day 4 Coron Town, shopping and walking around

Since our flight back was at 3 pm, we went to the town to see the shops, eat breakfast and have a manicure for 100 pesos. There are very cool souvenirs that are made by hand. The words you need to know when you want to shop are: Makkano po: which means how much it costs, inde: means no, Mahal: is too expensive, oh oh: yes and lastly salamat: thank you!

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