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The Beauty of 7 Falls or Busay Falls
I never really truly understand my purpose in life until I saw the world in your eyes.

Let's begin with our spin from our home sweet home. It was Yan's birthday (my husband). We had an effortless surprised party for him, sponsored by Mum. (Thanks Mum for the mouthwatering seafood dishes! The spicy squid from 4Seasons Restaurant was superb! Yummy! hehehe.)

Originally, Our plan was to go to Busay Falls in Malilipot, Albay right after lunch. However, due to time lapse incurred by the surprise birthday bash, we had to move the short trip the next day. But we really couldn't yield to our getaway plan. So, we decided to go night swimming at El Carlos, a nearby pool resort.

El Carlos to Malilipot
Just before dawn breaks the night, we had to leave El Carlos and drive.

We took a catnap, woke up before twilight, packed our bags, took light breakfast and drove swiftly. It was brisk and easy. I enjoyed the traffic free scenery during early morn. It took us more or less 30 minutes of drive from El Carlos to Busay Falls. I can say, the road is fairly accessible.

Busay Parking Lot
It's inky dark at Busay parking lot in twilight.

Half Light Half Dark in Busay Falls
Half-light, half-dark is always a good time to start.

It was still dark when we arrived. The bamboo gate was still close. But you know, we had been here a million times even before they transformed it into a resort. We could set foot in as if we were locals. I just had to leave a note outside for the caretaker to look after the vehicle in the parking area once he makes himself available. Parking fee is 50.00 for SUV and VAN type; the smaller the vehicle the smaller the parking fee gets. Entrance fee is around 20.00 to 30.00 for adults; more or less 10.00 for kids. (I don't remember the exact prices. Hehehe! But I'm pretty sure they never go beyond 40.00.)  Super economy! Cottages made of nipa hut are already available. Price ranges from 200.00 and beyond. Sari-sari stores, changing and comfort rooms are also ready for use.

Stare in Front
We can both play stare in front of her.

Now we're here, watching the first of the seven splendid waterfalls. I always thought it's enchanting! So beautiful and truly inspiriting. This is how primitive our life can be in an instant; the rising sun, the chirping birds, the waterfall and the two of us. The scene deserves a photograph. Yet, we had to leave to climb the next falls.

Vegetation Everywhere in 7 Falls Busay Falls
Vegetation everywhere makes me love to live green.

Climbing 7 Falls
It's the climb! Hehehe!

Busay Falls Shiny Rocks
Shiny rocks with red-blooded love.

Your Smile
Your smile says a thousand words.

Twin Falls in Malilipot
Not one but two... It's me and you.

These are the second and the third falls. They are twins.. or a couple maybe? The water is crystal clear and cold. It's an ideal place to go swimming for sure. But we'd do that later, we still have more falls to get through. So, let's continue with the climb. The terrain is tolerably narrow and steep so taking extra care won't hurt your hair.

Steep Terrain to the Next Falls
Steep terrain may bend your body but never will it lose your destiny.

Human in the Wild
I'm only but a tiny human in the wild.

More Waterfalls in Busay, Malilipot
There must be more to why we never fail to stop here. It's enchanted!

Water Flows to the Twin Falls
This water flows to the twin falls below.

Logs and Rocks Along the River Flow
Logs and rocks along the river flow.

Elevated Stones in Busay Waterfalls
Elevated stones dwell in the pure water.

Waist-Deep Waterfalls Trekking
Shallow to waist-deep water trekking.

Fourth Waterfall, a new found trail
Fourth waterfall, our new found trail.

Here comes the fourth waterfall. It's a fascinating multi-tiered cascades. The moment we came here, we began thinking that we could possibly make our way up by ascending through it's cascading water. We thought it would be more thrilling if we go against the strong water current. There's always a safe trail available nearby but we're already here. We could almost reach the next waterfall above. So, how can we not make our own way up? Never had we or anyone maybe tried climbing this waterfalls with or without a rope before. So we were talking... "How about we make our own trail now? Besides, it's only the two of us. Whether we make it or break it? Nobody will ever know!" Without hesitatons, we pursued with our free waterfall climbing adventure.

Holding on to the Living Vines
Hold on to the living vines.. They are strong and wild.

Yan had to take the lead. All I had to do was to follow every step he would take. If he would make mistakes, I could make it right. If he would stumble and fall, I could see it first hand. (Hehehe!) But I knew he was being careful so we won't go wrong. It would've been easier if we had some ropes to use. But with the little help of strong leaves and vines, we were able to make it through the slimy yet shiny rocks. That's when we began ascending through the waterfalls. I had a challenging moment lifting my body up against the cascading water but I did it anyway. Perks of having my own superman with me. I entrusted my life with him so I had nothing to worry about. If all else fail, I can put the blame on him. (Hehehe!)

Climbing the Steep Rock
I can't soak my backpack wet so I'm taking the steep.

Almost There to the Fourth Falls
With a little knee will, I can make it there.

Canyoning at the 4th Waterfall
Canyoning at the 4th waterfall with free non-technical climbing work. Selfie pa more!

Strong Waterfalls
The water flows strong so we need to hold it firm.

Almost at the Top of the Waterfalls
Almost at the top! Let's keep it up!

Free Climbing in the Waterfalls Terrain
I can do things I never thought I could because you always try to bring out the dare on me.

Smiling to Success
Smiling our way to success!

Photography in Busay Falls
He needs a little moment trying to figure out how on Earth was he able to take selfies. (lol)

We made it to the fifth waterfall! Our championship prize? It's refreshing water and it's enchanting beauty ! Wooooh!  It was intense yet we made it without me drowning anyway. (Hehehe!) We had to take a moment to catch up with our breaths. We deserved a selfie!

The Fifth Waterfall of Busay
That one my dear is the fifth waterfall. Spectacular that is!

Natures Masterpiece
We feel God's presence in His masterpiece. Thank you!

Moving on, we had to continue with our trek. We took a sip of soda to regenerate. Then we started taking more steps ahead. The trail was steep with lush tropical vegetation all over.

Vertical Cliff of the Fifth Waterfall
A vertical cliff at the back. We're on the fifth waterfall top.

Into the Wild of Busay Falls
Into the wild I will follow you..

Into the River of Busay Falls
Into the river I will chase you..

Few Steps Closer to the Sixth Fall
This place is a landmark to us. From here, we're just a few steps closer to the sixth fall.

We had finally made it to the sixth waterfall. The recent typhoon must've had left a heartbreaking harm into it. Pieces of logs were trapped in the waterways. I noticed the water itself turned a little lifeless. It was flowing vibrantly in our previous visit. But you know, nature is magical. It heals the wounds in a way that is impossible for mortals to understand. I know she would be back into life in no time. I'll give her a swim for sure.

The Sixth Waterfall of Busay
This is the sixth waterfall. It lacks vibrancy and abundance due to the recent typhoon.

These waterfalls inhabit the Mountain of Malilipot. You'll find each as you continually ascend. This part of the mountain would always give me a bewitching mood. The groves almost cover  the ground making it vaguely dark around. Before we knew it, the blue sky had turned black. And just when we started ascending to the last fall, the seventh fall, the rain also started to fall.

We had to slow down since we were taking the shortcut. We were going against the water from sixth fall leading to the seventh fall. Yan and friends had been there before but they took an entirely separate trail. I had no idea where that is but Yan told me it would require us to go back down to take the trail. (Really?No way!). It would eat so much of our time and strength. We would rather follow the watercourse. However, it went darker as we took steps further. We noticed that the water passes through a narrow canyon. It also started flowing stronger as the rain started falling heavier. I like walking in the rain but not in this almost savage trail.

Trekking in the Woods of Busay
Woodland has always been our perfect playground.

We decided to wait until the rain stops. We looked for a water-free area for safety. While waiting, Yan sat on a huge hanging fallen tree as if he was driving a big bike. I rushed so I could join with him. Little did we know that the fallen tree was actually a "Langatong". The leaves of "Langatong" tree causes an extremely itching pain and irritations in the skin.

Langatong Tree in Busay Falls
The Langatong Tree and the big Baby.. Bow!

It was too late for him to realize since he had already touched one of its big leaves. He started getting itchy. I started laughing then. He said it was painful. I saw his face frowning like crazy. I couldn't help it but to laugh my lungs out! Then we laughed together while his in pain.(lol)

Unexpectedly, a middle-aged man appeared from the foggy trail behind. He had a cute dog with him. We greeted  him and he politely responded. His face looked puzzled and perhaps worried. "It's already raining Sir. This area is prone to flash floods." said he to my husband. We instantly understood that he works for the resort. I told him "It's ok, we're going down, anyway. We just had to take a moment because he's got touched a "Langatong" leaf. (With a big teasing smile in my face. Yan has to endure the itch and pain in front of the man. Hahaha! )

Cornered in such bewildering situation, we were left  no option but to go back down. This time, we took the safer trail instead. Perhaps, we  felt slightly downhearted by not having pursued the seventh fall together. But we shall return for sure. Besides, this place has been our favorite hangout since we were only silly friends. The rain and the "Langatong" ? Well, they were not even close to stopping us from having fun. We eagerly trailed back to the twin falls. There, we spent a thousand more seconds of bliss; invested more haunting moments of togetherness.

Langatong Leaves
As if he wasn't victimized by the Langatong leaves.

At the Waterfalls like a King
He owns the waterfalls like a king.

At the Waterfalls like a Queen
I own the waterfalls like a queen.

Cliff Jumping at Busay Falls
You can jump whenever you're ready!

Busay Falls Cliff
Keep playing jump!

7 Falls Lagoon
I believe I can fly!

We went swimming, jumping, picnicking, photo and video taking and laughing and laughing and more. Pieces of these beautiful things in this planet are the most valuable treasures we'll forever be collecting. In time, our knees may not be strong enough to climb or to walk even , but the love we invest in every little memory we make will continue to live forever.

7 Falls Twin Falls

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