Anvaya Cove, Bataan, Philippines

Almost a year ago, my friend Marietere and me went to Anvaya Cove beach and Nature Club which is located in Moron, Bataan. Going from Metro Manila is like 3 hours away by car.

This is a membership resort but we were lucky because our friend Cha is a member. We went with all with Cha´s parents and our friends! So it was very cool, it was our first trip with all the friends out of Manila, since we first arrived to Manila.

We went by car and we left like at 7:00 am but first we ate breakfast in Pancake house, which is very good. Is a combination of american food but they also have some Filipino food, the tacos are very good but I order a sandwich haha.

On the way we stop and had a Halo Halo, that is a Filipino dessert that you have to try it and then I tried green dry mango, is the best I miss it! As you may see we took our time to get there, we even start having some cocktails in the car haha.

We had lunch with Cha´s parents before arriving to the club in a really good restaurant. We order a huge pizza, and it was delicious.

Even though you are a guest you have to pay a fee, that I guess it changes depending when you go, I don’t remember very well how much it was but it was around 250-400 pesos per person. You can use all the facilities, you have a locker to put your clothes and they give you towels.

There are jacuzzis, and shadow and deep pools. The great thing about this place is that the beach is right there, and when we went there was not that many people.

The curious thing about the Filipinos is that they don’t like to tan, so with my friend Maritere we were laying on the sand with all the sun haha and all the Filipinos were looking at us very weird hahaha because they stay in the shadow. They like to protect their skin, they do not like to get dark, is a cultural thing!

What we did was order some cocktails, I tried a green mango cocktail which was very good and we just relax in the beach. My friend Jay-Jay is very hyperactive and fun as you can see in the picture :). (What a great guy!!)

The climate was very hot, so we went into the sea, and the weird thing is that the water is warm haha. The sea is very calm, there are no waves and is not that deep. We took some pictures and play around.

Afterwards we play frisbee with some guys that were also they, and later on it was volleyball time.

My friend Karla and Cha where in the volleyball team so we have fun, we play against other guys that were there, we practically join them haha but it was awesome and people are very friendly.

My favorite part was the sunset, My friend Pach told me that the good thing about pollution is that you get the best sunsets because they are very reddish and indeed he was right.

It was the best sunset I have ever seen in my life, so we went into the water and took some cool pictures.

Afterwards, we have dinner in the resort, and we order Filipino food.

My favorite dish is Kare-Kare which is a traditional Filipino ox tail stew in a peanut-based sauce. The recipe varies is depends how they do it, but I love it. Another dish I really like is the milk fish and crispy pata, so if you ever go to the Philippines you have to try this three dishes at least.


Milk Fish

Crispy Pata

Later on, we where resting in the lounge area and then we head back home!

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