Travel Guide: Atulayan Island, Sagnay Camarines Sur

Complete Guide in Atulayan Island (Snail-Shaped Island)

Sagñay, Camarines Sur in Bicol Region

What to do:

Some Hiking (Cove Trekking)
Island Hopping

Available Accommodation:

Camping Site


Store: Available
Electricity: Generator
Water Source: Available
Phone Signal: Good

Neighboring Destinations:

Caramoan, Corangon Shoal
Aguirangan Island
San Miguel Island

How to get there:

There are two Jump-off points to go to Atulayan Island via Naga City in Camarines Sur and Tiwi in Albay. We will first show you the way via Naga City, Camarines Sur.

Jump-off Point: Naga City, Camarines Sur
  • Naga City - Tigaon: From Naga City, ride a van to Tigaon Crossing
  • Estimated Travel Time: 1 hour
  • Approximate Travel Cost: 70 to 100 php
  • Tigaon - Nato Port: From Tigaon, ride a tricycle or habal-habal to Nato Port, Bayan ng Sagñay
  • Estimated Travel Time: 15 minutes
  • Approximate Travel Cost: 20 to 30 php
  • Nato Port - Atulayan Island: From Nato Port, rent a boat to Atulayan Island, choose from different coves. Bani Cove, Colacho Cove, Bontugan Cove
  • Estimated Travel Time: 20 minutes
  • Travel Cost: Ranging from 700 to 1000 php
Jump-off Point: Tiwi, Albay
  • Tiwi Proper - Sugod Tiwi: From Tiwi Proper, head to Sugod via Tricycle
  • Estimated Travel Time: 15 minutes
  • Approximate Travel Cost: 80 to 150 php
  • Sugod - Atulayan: From Sugod, board a boat from any local fishermen to Atulayan Island, they would normally drop you off to Bani Cove, however you can choose from different coves in Atulayan.
  • Estimated Travel Time: 1 hour
  • Travel Cost: Ranging from 1200 to 1600 php
Drop-off Point:
  • Bani Cove

Cottage: 800 to 1000 php Open-air cottage
Power: They provide two options for power. Generator and Torch. You'll need to pay for lights powered by generator or choose the other way around for free.
Bathroom: Free
Water Source: You need to pay for every drum of water you use. It will cost you 100php/drum. The drum is large enough to accommodate 4 to 7 aliens.
Camping Site: Free
  • Colacho Cove

Colacho Cove varies from package to package.
They offer Php 1,500 per alien per day, which includes a boat ride, food and tent.
You can also rent the resort camp for Php 5,000 for one day or Php 8,000 if you want to spend a night in Colacho. Roundtrip boatride is already included in both packages and a generator set for overnight package.

If you need more information or photos about Atulayan Island, you can check this blog "Atulayan Travel Blog".
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