Boracay! Travel Blog and Guide

Day 1

The flight tickets range depending on when you buy it and there are also some promos. Regarding the hotel it was like 20-25$ per night including a very good breakfast. The best thing about this hotel is that the location is excellent and the rooms are very clean and nice. Take notice that the prices changes depending if it is high season or low season.

With my friend Maritere we went from June 6 until June 8, 2014, just for a weekend. You might think its a short time but is enough if you just want to get out of Manila.

So from Manila its a short flight to Caticlan, once you get to the airport you need to pay a fee is like 100 pesos. Later on we took a boat from the airport to Boracay. Boracay is known for its white beaches and the night life, its amazing trust me! We went during low season so it was not that crowded and it was cheaper.

We arrived at 2:50 pm and we took a tricycle to our hotel, remember that if you let the people carry your bags even though Filipinos are very nice, they will ask for a tip haha! The first thing we did was leave our stuff in the hotel and when to the beach. We rest for a little bit and then we walk around the island. People here love to do sailing so the view is even better, it seems like a painting :).

Boracay is also known for having really cool sunsets but we were not that lucky to see one, but they were nice anyways! The cool thing is that around 6:45 pm all the restaurants, bars and hotels decorate the outside, so they put puffs and color chairs so you can have a nice dinner or a drink!

The night life is incredible, you will not get bored! We went to have some drinks and we saw some girls dancing with fire! They have different shows. We made some friends from Honk Kong! They were really cool.

For dinner we decided to try the chori and longaburger with BBQ sauce. Our friend Pach told us that it was very typical and delicious so we give it a try! It was amazing and it just cost 50 pesos.

Day 2

On our second day we had a really good breakfast, you have different options to choose from.

Later on we decided to take a boat and do some snorkeling. It cost around 700 pesos per person but you can bargain, they are different places that offer this service. You need to tell them that the 700 pesos should include a fee that you have to pay that is like 150 pesos more. We didn’t know so we had no choice. The good thing was that we were the only ones in the boat so it was like a private tour.

There was a fisherman with some octopus so I went to touch one, it was a different experience.

One the way you get to see the different parts of the island and the water is so clean, its very relaxing. The snorkeling was nice, we just saw some fish. They ask you to bring bread, so in that way the fishes will come up to you!

When we came back we stayed on the beach and then we went to have lunch. There are many places were you can eat but we found a place were food was cheep and there is music alive. I really don’t remember the name but if you see the pictures you will find it! Around the beach they are some stores where you can buy souvenirs, so we did that.

Afterwards we saw the sunset and then we decided to do the Pub Crawl, its amazing, you get to go around the different bars and party. Its a good way to know people and visit all the clubs in Boracay!

We did some games and you get one free shot in every place. It was like $ 18-20, we had so much fun and we met new people. If you buy one day before is cheaper, also you get a free t-shirt and a shot glass. In one of the bars we became friends of the owner, so we got free drinks and we let us took a picture with the DJ, so from that day we decided that wherever we went to a club we need to have a picture with the DJ haha. Here we met our friend Udo from Austria, who later on came with us to Cebu. 🙂

There are also some kids that came up to you, and you play with them. They are very nice!

Day 3

This was our last day, our plane was leaving at 8:30 pm approx so we had all the day to enjoy! So the first thing I did was to walk throughout the end on the beach. There is a virgin in a rock in the middle of the ocean so we went to see it and take some pictures.

Later on, I decided to have a massage on the beach it was amazing and so relaxing, I highly recommend it because is a good experience. It was 400 pesos for an hour you will love it.

Then Maritere came and we went to walk even farther, you will pass like a small road and there is another beach that its like empty. Its a really cool place to take some pictures.

Afterwards we went to the hotel to take a shower and we decided to have lunch and we meet a surfer that was travelling around the world because he had already retired and he was looking for a place to live. Its amazing how easy you can make friends and learn from other people.

Then we went to the beach mall to buy some things and later own we took the tricycle to the airport.

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