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Bugsukan, Misibis, Tiwi, Albay Cliff Jumping

An overnight survivor-like adventure in Atulayan white-sand beach (camping with torch) seemed not enough to feed our hunger for thrill. On our boat ride back to Tiwi, we dropped by the shore of Bugsukan beach and falls in Brgy. Misibis, Tiwi, Albay. Well, this was really part of the plan without our friends knowing. They at least thought it was a sudden side trip.

Very rare moment.. when you get to see waterfalls facing the grayish slash brownish powdery-sand beach.. I have one word for it... surreal! Not long before, Yan and I had been here to celebrate my birthday. We made a short coastal hike and we witnessed the waterfalls by the beach for the first time. Soon, we found several cliffs nearby. We promised to come back and jump.

Bugsukan free slim beach.

Bugsukan falls facing Bugsukan beach.

Now is the perfect time, we thought. Many locals were jumping so we could join with them. They were blessing in disguise maybe.. just so we need not to push our friends jump off the cliff to test it's safety. Hehehe! Seeing the local kids, boys and girls, jumping like they were just playing skip-rope,..amazing..! They were doing it so easy breezy. I got even more inspired. If kids could do it, why couldn't I? So, I put my life vest on, tied my hair up, and prepared myself to perform my first jump.

The main and the highest cliff in Bugsukan. Ranging from 30 to 35 ft. "tide dependent"

From the lowest to the highest main cliffs, the height ranges from more or less 10 to 35 feet. We took the second highest cliff. It was approximately 25 leap. (It was low tide, I'm not sure when it's high tide). Yan and I looked down. I started getting cold feet. Mel and Tan looked down too. They decided firmly that they were not jumping. As in "NEVER!". Only Rap was compelled to join with us. He jumped off the cliff first. Then followed my husband. He jumped and his reaction was priceless! Like a kid who's gotten Jollibee or McDonalds kiddie meal after getting a perfect score in Math exam at school. As if it was his first time.

Taking turns to jump off the 2nd cliff. Approximately 25 ft. leap.

It was a smooth Rap style landing.

A little momentum for Yan to jump it off!

And there he goes.. hanging, flying for life!

You can defy gravity sometimes.

Sweet love of mine.

So, the moment of truth! It was my turn to jump. OMG! My legs started to quiver so bad. My heart was beating crazy like a bass drum. I was literally shaking! For the first time in my life, I felt incomprehensibly terrified! My body won't move! I was stunned for a moment! Everyone was cheering up for me. "Kaya mo yan! Lumukso ka lang!" Said who? Their words of encouragements were fruitless. I turned deaf the more they cheered me up.

I was either standing or kneeling at the cliff for almost 30 minutes. (That was terribly long.)They were all waiting to witness me jump. I realized it was a horrible idea to come to this place when locals are here. All eyes on me! (Diyahe talaga, super!) Came my husband to the rescue! He took over my fear. He was behind me encouraging and saying he'll wait until I jump, no matter what. He murmured; "The battery is getting low, we might not capture your jump." No way! This is not happening! I won't miss any moment of my first jump! I need to jump! Noooooow!

I couldn't even make it stand still. My legs were troubled by fear,

Oh yeah! This one's my first jump!

I will make it look a little better next time.

Then I felt the wind going against my skin rapidly. My eyes were tightly close. I heard nothing but my beating heart. My soul departed off my body for a few yet longest seconds. They were like thunders and lightnings. They form together but the lights travel faster than the sound. My body was falling faster than my soul. I felt it! Then I hit the surface of the water. (Ouch!) The moment I submerged, I felt my body and my soul turned harmoniously reunited once again. It was like I traveled shortly in the spirit world. I was renewed! My fear, my trembling bones and my pounding heart, they were all gone! Gone neither with the wind nor with the water. I didn't know anymore. Next thing I knew, I was swimming back to the coast. Oh yeah! That was my first jump! Terrified, I would love to do it again!

First jump is the deepest!

Our first encounter with Bugsukan, Misibis, Tiwi, Albay is in the sequel; Bugsukan: The Beach, The Waterfalls and The Cliffs!Check it out and jump!
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