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Road trip for two is lovely for my birthday today! Except, we don't have the luxury of time. We need to be at home by lunch for a simple family salo-salo. We can't be going too far so we decided to go to Tiwi, Albay.

What do we have in Tiwi? We may have some halo-halo in DJC? Collect some ceramic jars and pottery maybe? Why not? But we can always do more.. We heard about some waterfalls spots in Tiwi so let's have them googled first. Bugsukan sounds very promising due to it's accessibility straight from the national road of Brgy. Misibis in Tiwi. That's exactly what we need right now given that we don't have much time. So, let's give it a try.

Driving from Daraga to Tiwi at dawn is fast and easy. It's more or less 35 minutes of drive. However, Bugsukan takes maybe 25 more minutes from Tiwi town proper. The morning is still young so we can take some side trips along the way whenever the spell of nature allures. How can we we not stop by the greenish and yellowish rice fields alongside? Never can we ignore the inspiriting mood set by "Our Lady of Salvation" structure along the coastal road elevation. We need to take a moment for sure.

Our Lady of Salvation and Your Lady of Ambition

Coast to coast we will follow you.

After asking a few locals for the exact location of the waterfalls, we finally start walking through the trail. It's a 5-minute walk in a concrete slope way way way down.

Short yet slope trek to Bugsukan beach and falls and cliffs.

I can tell, maybe at first glance Bugsukan is not your super impressive kind of a place. But I think it makes an entirely different flavor when the scenery comes into view.

Partly rocky partly powdery in Bugsukan mini-beach.

Waterfall behind the man who never fails to fall.

Imagine waterfalls facing the brown gray sand-beach. You can see the fresh water from the falls streaming down and flowing smoothly to the salt water in the shore. The fresh and the salty..

Bugsukan waterfalls free-flowing in front of Bugsukan beach.

Rainbow doesn't always come after the rain. Sometimes it shows even on a sunny day.

The waterway of the waterfalls.. The meeting place of the fresh and salt.

Bugsukan waves shaping the shoreline.

You know, I always have a strong fascination towards the opposites. I guess the beauty of a place is always a matter of perception.. a matter of taste..

The interface between the sea and the land.

Waves breaking onto your ankles in different angles.

Sediments are indeed carved by the waves.

The rock, if it's not rough, it isn't fun!

What's noticeable is that there are interesting natural rock formations around so despite having no fixed plan to go swimming we can freely wander and do coastal hiking.

The water, if it's not cold then it is warm.

I think under this tree of vines is a good place to camp.

Kumbaya! Hallelujah!

These rocks, just like us.. solid and untouched..

Bugsukan under the rays of sun.

Coastal hike is a good form of exercise.

Let's keep on wandering..

This is coastal oceanography.

Catastrophic waves left these rocks unbroken.

To our surprise, the coast is actually made of several cliffs. Yan has a great affection towards cliffs and cliff jumping. Sure thing, it's the least of extreme activities he can do in this planet free of charge.

Being on top makes you wanna jump.

He is tempted to jump off the highest leap. However, we aren't so sure whether the cliffs are safe for jumping. My husband swims well but I don't. While my confidence relies on my eyebrow, my courage relies on my vest. For without it, I can do nothing more than playing frozen. I can play dead too.

Height can be so intimidating sometimes.

It's my birthday so Yan has to submit to whatever I say. The crown is mine! I don't want him jumping today. But we can always go back in time. We're thinking... It would be a lot better to bring our closest friends with us next time. We can ask them jump first. And if they land safe, then we can jump next. Better safe than never. Hehehe!

Nearly vertical cliff exposure.

I like quiet and peaceful; my voice can be fully heard.

I'm starving to life so we can take a moment snacking. A picnic by the beach in my special day with my special man is just so perfect.

Anywhere higher in elevation is a faultless spot for loosening.

Hand and hand, we can conquer the world..

Watching some local kids coming to the beach early in the morning to go swimming and playing in the sand; I think the place exemplifies supernal freedom.

Young and free souls playing and this free land. Cheers to freedom!

I wish people don't craft this place into a commercial resort for the locals to freely enjoy the natural wonders they deserve. It's a small wonderland for them to own.

The beach, the waterfalls and the cliffs! Oh, the clear blue sky is amazing too! Surely, It's a masterpiece! We'll go back in no time.

Our cliff jumping adventure in Bugsukan is in the sequel; Cliff Jumping in Bugsukan - Misibis, Tiwi, Albay. You may want to check it out.
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