Pinamuntugan Island, Hidden Paradise in Albay

Where do we go next? How much fortune do we have? You know, we don't have much of both cash and time. Needless to say, we're also ultra busy sometimes with empty pocket most of the time. These circumstances may keep us swinging for just a little while. But our strong desire to go out and play under the scorching sun always prevails in the right time.

Here we go again! Bargaining with the boatman to take us to a hidden paradise without having us pay the standard fee for the ride. Deal was sealed. We paid ₱1,400 instead of ₱1,800 for a day trip, back and forth, good for 5 human beings - from small, medium, large, extra large to double extra large. (Hehehe!). Now, we're heading to Pinamuntugan Island. According to our research, it's a private beautiful island situated offshore Bacacay, Albay. Rumor has it that the island will be developed into a resort very soon. So, we better experience it first hand while virgin.

It's just one boat ride away from the mainland, more or less 1 hour and 20 minutes from Bacacay port. It's a huge white sand beach island with smooth rock formation around. I'd like to think it's a starfish sanctuary because starfishes are everywhere! The sand is shiny white and the shore is utterly wide. The beach water is crystal clear making it ideal for snorkeling.

Pinamuntugan Island, Bacacay Albay

Star Wars and Star Trek

Deserted, Divine, Delicious!

Keep it sweet, salty and sunny!

Set the rain-fly for the rain to come by!

We make home everywhere.. with love and dreams..

Anyway, we have to immediately set our tent and hammock up for our temporary shelter since our time won't permit us to stay overnight. The boys have to take care of our meal. All four of them, including my husband, are self-proclaimed cook! hehehe! So, I let them do the cooking while I go exploring. Of course, taking photos and clips of every engaging scenery will never be out of style. (selfie selfie din pag may time).

All I need is breakfast in bed.

Rap, Me and You , Mel

I'm bringing this rock home for decor.

We chain our hearts in love, We jump! Never asking why? -Miley :)

Ancient vines where Tarzan swung..

Walk and Loose Weight not Faith

No matter how hard you hide your skin in the dark, you cannot escape the light! You'll all burn!

Gourmet is finally ready! Let's have some pork and chicken BBQ by the beach! A simple picnic can turn into a royal blowout in a wondrous spot like this. No electricity, no houses, no stores, no cars, no comfort room, no crowd , no trouble. It's only us with the musical wave at the backdrop. I Think it's so ancient, so antiquated! Lovely! I super duper love it!

Happy tummy, happy eyes, happy mind, happy heart, happiness overload! A moment like this deserves a relaxing hammocking experience just for a little while. Ssssshhh... Let's smell the scent of the sea breeze, feel the warmth and cold of the wind touch our skin, watch the racing waves kiss the shore, and with eyes gently closing... smile. Thank God for this piece of paradise in our land. Oh life!

A lazy lady in a lazy day

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