Waterfalls Rappelling with Kaddlagan - Itbog Twin Falls Camarines Sur

Addictive! That's the kind of term you'll be talking for when you go chasing a waterfall. To all the millennials out there, when you're out of tone to go catching your goals, try chasing the waterfalls! I tell you, you'll call it generation goals.

This isn't the first time we're doing waterfall rappelling. But the excitement we feel is always equally the same. It never changes, it never fails. It keeps coming back like a wrecking ball. (Hehehe!) I will be forever grateful to Kaddlagan Outdoor Adventure Tour for introducing this bone-boggling kind of water sport to me and to my better half.

So, what's our next final destination? Today, we'll go hunting for Itbog Twin Falls in Sta Cruz, Buhi Camarines Sur. Let me start the odyssey from Lake Buhi, in the town proper itself. We're taking a short boat trip across the lake to get to the jump-off point of the trek. (I can't tell you now how long the voyage is, it's too short to remember! hehehe!)

Can't wait to get our feet off the boat and start with the walk!

It's raining gently making the trail wet and muddy. I like it! The trek is wild and sexy (Hehehe!). The seclusion of the woodland in modest drizzle is driving me crazy. I like taking unli-photo of my love. I also think about taking occasional selfies of us. You know, sometimes we both try to fit in the generation selfie. But, I think we haven't really mastered it's artistry. So, we go back to classic style. It's timeless, universal, never goes out of style.

Smile is always the perfect outfit in the muddy foggy land.

Photogenic is Talikodgenic! Hehehe!

Cloudy, Rainy, Mossy, Muddy, Slippery, Steeply, Happy!

CHASING the falls goes with HUNTING the rivers!

Forever young at heart! Go Ate girls; Lou, Ann and Tess!!!

It's only been like 30 minutes since we started trekking in this slithery trail. And now we're here! Right in front of Itbog Twin Falls. They are indeed identically made for each other! Both are enormously strong and tall and beautiful! But we didn't come here to only watch them near or far. We're here to come closer, to get devoured by merging our bodies into the vicious pouring water!

Twin falls at the background of my twin heart.

Taking turn is the only rule we know. We are rappelling batch by batch. So, we'll keep waiting for our turn. But look who's here? Nobody but Zuzana Vrablova with her partner Andrew Pastora. They are in the scene! From Slovakia to the Philippines, they traveled so far to wander here. What do you know? Well, Zuzana is a professional Slovakian wakeskater; crowned as multi-time wakeskating world champion. I can tell you, she's a beautiful creature. I can't let the chance slip away without taking a picture with her. You know, I have so much fondness to female athletes. (Feminism goals! hehehe!)

I love it when Zuzana does the peace sign with me! World peace!

Zuzana, Ate Ann, Me, Andrew and my Bebe Love!

Zuzana is joining our group to do waterfall rappelling. She's behind me following whatever trail I take. I take the wrong way, she takes it wrong too. (Oooops..! Sorry Susan!) My husband takes the lead to save me from disgrace. (Hehehe!) I can't believe trailing to the top of the waterfalls is more challenging than rappelling itself. We're like suicide squad navigating the steep terrain by doing some sedulous rope-work. I wish to take a photo but I think it's a near death experience if I do. (Hehehe!) Canyoning ropes surely are the best buddies in doing these wilderness travel goals.

Trailing to the top of the waterfalls requires holding on and never letting go...

Atop of the waterfall always gives me a shivering feeling. I think Zuzana feels it too. She asks me if this is my first time. I say "No, but I'm nervous. I'm scared of the water!" She says "I'm more scared of the height than the water, I spent all my life in the water but this...??!!!" Oh yeah, I heard this twin falls have more or less 60 feet elevation. That's surely something highly scary. I'm still scared of the water, though. It's just too strong for my bony body to take. Zuzana tells me then, "My mom's gonna kill me if she knows what I'm doing!" Hmmmm... I wonder what my mom's gonna do if she knows what I'm doing too. She'll probably make a Harakiri! (Hehehe! Love you Mama!)

Now, for the highlight of our feat, my favorite; RAPPELLING time!!! With my left-hand holding the front rope and my right hand at the back, I start lowering my body in this almost 90 degrees angle of waterfall terrain. I walk down slowly while sliding the rope through the carabiner device tied to my waist. I look up the sky to keep my body realigned. I think I have already gotten the hang of it, but wait, the water pours tremendously savage! It pushes me side-ward-right. I fight back but I can't hold it firm. It's just too strong to bare! It pushes me several times to the giant greenish leaves alongside. I loose control a couple of times, but I can't give up. You know, I come here to get as closest as I can to the waterfall. No water is strong to take away that goal!

These give me a kind of Lara Croft feels... Feeler! Feelingera!!!

I take a deep breath and start disseminating my confidence all over my body. I position my strength from my knees down to my feet so I can hang on solidly but not too tightly. I get closer and closer and closer until the waterfall swallows me alive. I can feel the wrath of its water falling rapidly down my helmet-covered head. I can feel it pushing my body down heavily. I feel like it's crashing my bones yet cleansing my soul. I wish to stay longer inside but I am grasping for my life. I can barely breath so I have to get out and get in. It's drowning me like crazy! I tell you, it's heavenly insane! I think I can do this all day.

A light shower or a sprinkle of water doesn't really make me feel like there are bullets in my head!

Yup! I stumble many times but who cares? Do you? I know you don't! (Hehehe!) We all loose balance sometimes, but in the end our triumph is what really counts. For me, this is just another day of super duper achieved travel goals!

Yes! Taking a blurry picture is our expertise. It needs no skill! Hehehe!

Being able to also witness Zuzana perfectly abseil this nearly perpendicular waterfall right after me, there's no denying, she was born for action-packed adventures like this. She's a real extreme sports goddess! I'm a fan!

They say, save the best for last. This one's for my husband's spot! I surely love taking photos and clips of him doing whatever it takes to make him happy. His laughter is my medicine.

When the leaves make you look like a dwarf..

When the leaves make it looks like a cave..

He's really a clinging type! Even with the rope! Kilig much!

To all the ladies who are fearless to try this kind of extreme, all you need to bring is your daring will. And if you don't have it, just wear a pair of waterproof kilay (eyebrows) my dear. As the millennial ladies would say; "With Great Kilay Comes Great Confidence!" Trust me. I know!
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