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Traveling During Holy Week
24 Hour Road trip

Holy Week is celebrated in countries that the main religion is Christianity, like in the Philippines. We celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday as regular holidays. Most Filipinos take advantage of this long holiday, some go home in their provinces while others spend it somewhere else. So expect super heavy traffic in expressways both North Luzon and South Luzon and very looooong pile of twisted line in every bus stations!

It was my first time to have a road trip on Holy Week! I tell you, it was one hell of a ride. That butt numbing 24 hour trip made me you wanna fly to my destination. HAHAHA. We were exhausted and all became impatient.

Anyway, our driver Kuya Jaime was a very cautious driver and he was only going on 60 KPH!! How slow can that be. He said he didn't know the place. Fine! Though 100 KPH  and up will do. HAHA.

So what welcomed us on our Road trip? Nothing else but HEAVY TRAFFIC because of road constructions! EMPHASIS ON THE S! Yessss! There were lotssss of road re-blocking! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd! hahaha.

Of course! Holy Week travel will not be complete without seeing a "senakulo" or reenacting what Christ did. They believe that it is a way of repenting from their sins.

Lastly, your road trip is not complete without stop - over. We had several stops to pee and eat. haha. Oh and we had some time to visit the CawaCawa Hill, where the so-called magnificent sun flowers are, and the famous Cagsawa Ruins.

I didn't enjoy the stop over because it was very crowded! I never liked crowded places. haha. Yea I am a bit snob. HAHA. After 24 Hours of travelling! Finally we arrived at the end of Luzon! *Drum roll please* MATNOG, SORSOGON!We were rejoicing but everyone is so exhausted to celebrate. Since it was late, we immediately settled our things and loaded in the boats waiting for us.

It was a dream to stay in an island with a full moon. Too bad, I didn't enjoy it that long because it was cloudy and rainy.

So there you have it, that was my loooongest road trip in my entire life! Whew. Now I can say that I can conquer loooong driving. hahaha. I want to try going on a cruise ship and feels being in the middle of the ocean. haha.

Samahan mo ko, ano, TARA GUMALA?

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